Quality Policy

Quality Policy


SGS group is pioneer company in inspecting, approving, testing and issuing certificate in the world. Quality services Arya-SGS company, as one of the members of SGS global group, uninterrupted tries to fulfill demands of employers in the field of industrial inspection services. Our inspectors, engineers and experts ensure us that the quality and safety of the products or industrial installations are according to legal necessities and demands of customers. 


We want to be the most professional, the most skillful and the most success among independent inspection companies of services oriented. Our skills in inspecting, approving and testing should be continuously upgraded to the best position. 


Our policy is fulfilling and going beyond the expectations of employers, partners, spectators and the qualified authorities through applying demonstrated of the principles of quality, health, safety and environmental at all levels of inspection services.

Our criteria for achieving to this policy are included: 

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Compliance with requirements
  • Impartiality, independence and confidentiality 
  • Training
  • Health, safety and environment
  • Continuous improvement 
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