HSE Services

HSE Services

HSE Services 

Introducing of the QT & HSE section

Since the quality services Arya-SGS company works with SGS international group, the company is committed to observe the European strict updated requirements in the field of its main activities. The company has achieved to this important with establishing a section as QT & HSE and in this regard and with the purpose of using of abilities and valuable experiences of this section, has offered the related services to other organizations.

One of our aims is establishing the pioneer section so that by applying of day knowledge and experience and innovation and initiative in the scope of oil, gas, refining, petrochemical and chemical industries, plays the effective to enhance the performance of the client organization, to increase the level of safety, to continue production, to reduce costs, to increase efficiency and to minimize pollutants. In this regard, we are ready to present kinds of HSE engineering services and HSE systems in the forms of the following subjects:

1- HSE engineering services 

Hazard identification studies

Identifying danger zones and finding the potential of accidents and then prioritizing strategies for corrective and preventive actions are principled and effective way for protecting the valuable profits and resources of organizations. Comprehensive studying and identifying potential risks in the aforementioned industries are considered as the key elements in safety studies and risk analysis. The QT & HSE section of Arya-SGS activates in the field of identification of process and non-process risks in the most dangerous Iran industries like oil, gas, petrochemical, chemical and energy industries.


- Hazard identification studies by the HAZID method
- Identifying of process risks through  methods such as HAZOP and FMEA
- Job safety assessment by  the JHA/JSA method
- Applying other methods of risk analysis like What if and Check list
- Holding the specialty training courses about identification and evaluation of risk
- Qualitative assessment of risks in land and sea
- Presenting control and preventive strategies
- Finding the accidents roots with the help of FTA method

Safety engineering studies

Nowadays direct and indirect costs arising from accidents are one of the principal concerns of managers in different organizations that can point to reducing reputation of organization, loss of capital and damaging to human resources and equipment as the most important of them.

Root checking of accidents (RCA) in passing of time has shown that fulfilling of safety engineering studies particularly in designs as preventive factor is one of the most important factors in reducing the multiplicity of accidents in organizations and also is caused to reduce losses and possible and unforeseen damages.  The abilities of company in this regard are as the following: 

- Implementation of modern methods of safety analysis like SIL, LOPA and RAM
- Inspection of safety systems (protection systems against explosion, protection systems against fire, systems of gas leak detection and diagnosis of fire, Systems of shut off  the equipment in the emergency)

Risk assessment studies and modeling  the consequences of accidents

In today industrial and complex units because of acute and unique operating conditions, there is a significant potential for occurring accidents. Scrutiny outstanding industrial accidents that have occurred just in recent decades represents that not only the major part of them were preventable, but also as well as their intensity were predictable, on the condition that the analysis of consequences of accidents have been fulfilled at the facility in a timely manner and the based on that the relevant safety proceedings have been considered. Arya-SGS is proud to offer speciality services for upgrading quality of safety at the designing or existing process units. 

- Assessing the effect of possible accidents on staff, buildings and equipment
- Assessing the effect of possible accidents on the residents around industrial environment
- Determining the acceptable distance among units at an industrial complex in during designing
- Determining the effective places in installing gas detector equipment
- Determining the areas affected fire and the fire resistance zone
- Determining parameters necessary to prevent the accumulation of pollutants
- Planning for crisis situations and correct management decisions
- Quantitative assessment of risks in land and sea

2- Management systems services

Energy management systems( inspection and energy audit) 

The ISO 50001 standard determines the requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining and improving an energy management system that intends to enable an organization to pursue a systematic approach for continuous improvement in energy performance included efficiency of using and consumption of energy. The energy in this system means electricity, fuel, steam, heat, compressed air and the similar mediums.

ISO 50001, in each organization that wants to manage its energy and to improve its performance through establishing, implementing, maintaining and improving an energy management system systematically, is able to execute and its full deployment helps effectively to the economic saving in organizations and reduce greenhouse gases. Also after the establishment, the organizations could prove the requirements of improving the performance of its energy through obtaining the certificate of energy management system. This standard can be deployed either separately or integrated with other management systems.

The QT& HSE section of the Arya-SGS is bale to present services of the establishment of energy management system and presents the optimal solution to minimize energy consumption based on the ISO 50001 standard.

HSE management systems:

Nowadays many organizations have realized necessity to establish the risks management system for health, safety and environment (HSE) to achieve efficient and effective management in the field of all industrial activities and contractor domains and they have established or have modified the HSE management system in complex under their supervision. Doing this requires the use of the knowledge and expertise of the HSE experts and advisors till through this could be achieved the principle of continuous improvement in the systematic management of dangers and risks.

The QT and HSE section of Arya-SGS have the ability to present speciality consultations to organizations and companies to establish and implement systematic HSE management system. 

- Designing and compiling the HSE risks management system
- Designing and implementation of HSE management for contractors (based on different phases of the project)
- Gap analysis
- Audit and evaluating the performance of HSE

Compiling guides, executive procedures and instructions of HSE
- Presenting HSE training courses
- Compiling the emergency reaction plan (ERP)
- Consultation about implementation of systems MS, HSE and IMS

3- The services related to the environment 

Environmental impact assessment (EIA)

Environmental impact assessment (EIA) is procedure which in that is predicted the effects of fulfilling a project or its operations on the environment so that in time of fulfilling the project, with regard to knowing the exist situation and the type of effects, operations perform somehow to make the lowest effect on the environment.

In the right now, most important and most prestigious law relating to environmental assessment is article 105 of the law of third plan for development of economic, social and cultural which in that has come "All plans and major production projects and service projects, before performing and in the stage of fulfilling feasibility studies and location, based on the criteria proposed by the supreme council of protecting from environment and approved by the council of ministers, should evaluate with environmental assessment method. Observing the results of evaluation by implementers of aforementioned plans and  projects is mandatory.”

Arya-SGS is ready, in this field, to present services to the respectful employers and consultants. 

- Performing the studies of environmental development impacts assessment (EIA)
- Presenting the program of environmental management system (EMS)
- Performing the studies of risk assessment and environmental hazards
- Environmental information system (EIS)
- Environmental performance evaluation
- Performing the studies of strategic environmental assessment (SEA)

Measuring pollutants of environment

Surely measuring the effectiveness on environment without measuring and continuous studies of effective parameters is impossible. Section QT&HSE of Arya SGS on the base of necessities and rues in the country deal to measuring various environment parameters : 

- Measuring the environment sound
- Measuring exit  gasses of chimneys
- Measuring air pollutants
- Measuring sound and analysis in various frequencies 
- Measuring parameters related to the out waste water
- Online measuring of pollutants with prepare and inserting related equipment 

4- The related services with health 

Measuring pollutants and risk factors of the environment

Providing, maintain and improving the health of business men and then improving usefulness and the level of welfare and public welfare of public and facilitated and correct  movement toward stable and multi sides development are from the main aims of activities of professional health in human societies.  Achieving to cited aims is impossible except thorough a completed and science program of identification, measuring , evaluation and control of factors and damageable factors and risk able of environment. According the legal necessities rely on measuring risk able factors in all of work places, section QT & HSE of Aray SGS considered the following services for representing to companies and various units

- Measuring of sound and analysis in various frequencies
- Dosimeter of sound
- Measuring light in day and night
- Environment measuring of ion rays
- Measuring non ion rays
- Measuring thermal stress parameter
- Electric and magnetic filed
- Vibration measuring 
- Measuring dusts and suspended particles in air
- Counting particles and determining size and diameter of them
- Determining amount of gases and steams
- Measuring metal steams
- Evaluation of work stations with various methods
- Anthropometry and ergonomic investigation and design of work stations 

5- contract services

- Management of unit HSE of centers, organizations and projects in contract form
- Providing specialized forces HSE in various series for units HSE 


Arya SGS with the aim of improving technical engineer power of internal experts, transforming years of knowledge and experiences of company and also developing inspection knowledge and safety engineering deal to performing related classes in its related fields.


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