Storage tank walls and roofs have to be inspected regularly for corrosion to comply with local and international regulation. General corrosion, corrosion around liquid levels or welds and other mechanisms can threaten the integrity of a tank. It can be difficult to detect this corrosion: The surface is enormous; the wall is hardly accessible without scaffolding and obstacles (e.g. wind girders) can obstruct access.

SGS provides effective inspection solutions for difficult-to-access tank walls and roofs and other remote locations.
The (semi)motorised tank wall scanner can climb carbon steel tank wall with magnetic wheels. It can carry out several remote inspections:

- Remote ultrasonic line scans
- Measurements every 3 mm from bottom to top
- Remote ultrasonic spot measurements
- E.g. 3 measurements per plate
- Remote TOFD Inspection
- Weld inspection to detect corrosion and weld defects
- Remote visual inspection
- Steerable camera

- Maximum height of obstacles: 30 mm
- Thickness measurements without varying coating
- Battery operated
- Water coupling
- With camera for visual inspection and precision steering
- Advanced reporting including calculating minimum required thickness e.g., according to API653

- Carbon steel surface
- Diameter > 10 inch / 250 mm

- No expensive scaffolding/cranes required
- Many tanks with obstacles can be inspected, e.g. wind girders, riveted tanks
- Real thickness with echo-to-echo measurements
- The line scan provides a lot of reliable data in an easy to read graphical data plot
- Report of line scans can show also average and minimum thickness per e.g. 100 mm

The SGS Experts
ARYASGS industrial services has the knowledge and expertise to perform this advanced UT inspection.
Apart from the conventional NDT techniques, SGS offers risk based inspection (RBI), phased array, time of flight diffraction (TOFD), corrosion mapping, positive material identification (PMI), magnetic flux leakage (MFL), thermography, electromagnetic testing (ET), RFEC, IRIS, radiation detection and endoscopy inspections.
We are pleased to inform you, without any obligations, about how ARYASGS can help your organisation.

NDT Training

ARYASGS established an NDT training and examination center in tehran, with a particular focus on the extensive training syllabus for most of the standard NDT methods.


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