Advanced Visual Inspection Of Difficult Accessible Areas

RVI is the inspection of objects or areas usually inaccessible to the eye without disassembling surrounding structures or machinery. It allows inspectors to discover hidden discontinuities before they may cause major problems, e.g. poor welding, surface defects, corrosion pits, general condition, degradation, blockages and foreign materials. RVI equipment penetrates remote places, utilising small openings and sending images directly back to the observer or to a video monitor.

ARYASGS has the latest videoscope system with digital stereo measuring capability for accurate, three dimensional defect measurement at any target angle. By utilising stereo measurement system area, depth and distance between reference points, particular discontinuities can be measured.
The equipment has an insertion tube with maximum length of up to 3.5 m, and external diameter of 6 mm maximum. This is a hand held remote visual inspection system; modular in design so that it can be easily configured to inspect behind walls, small vessels through openings, unreachable areas of vessels, inside ceilings, in and around pipes and machinery, under vehicles and aircraft as well as the ducts work in HVAC systems.
The equipment has light systems integrated into the camera, which makes it possible to inspect confined dark places. The camera is designed in
a way that it can be rotated at 90° and be used in openings with a minimum diameter up to 1.5 inches.

- Gearbox inspection
- Weld inspection
- Turbine inspection
- Deposits inspection


- Refineries and chemical plants
- Aerospace industry
- Aviation: commercial, military
- Energy: nuclear, thermal, hydraulics
- Food, pharmaceutical, water treatment

The system is completely modular.
Based on the object to be inspected, the tools will be configured. Different lenses, lamps, cables are available to fit all needs. Routine inspections can be completely detailed in pre-set procedures to ensure that trends can be recognised in time. Pictures can be stored or streamed during the inspection process
- High resolution digital video
- Entire portability with AC, DC (battery)
- Interchangeable probes with different diameters
- 3 district modes of measurement
ARYASGS normally uses this industrial videoscope inside piping, such as heat exchangers, steel pipes, drainage pipes and plant piping. For wide cavities such as interiors of tanks, motors, boilers etc.
ARYASGS uses pear point flexi probe push rod video inspection systems to inspect pipelines for its internal fractures and blockages etc. It is also incorporated with an universal easy-fit brush skid set to customise the system for use in a wide range of pipe diameters.

It has flexible cable of length up to 120 feet integrated while diameter is limited to minimum of 2.5 Inch.

The ARYASGS Experts
ARYASGS industrial services has the knowledge, expertise and experience to perform conventional and advanced NDT inspections in iran using our unique network. Our service offers varies from guided wave and the conventional NDT techniques to risk based inspection (RBI/AIM), time of flight diffraction (TOFD), corroscan, positive material identification (PMI), magnetic flux leakage (MFL), ACFM, leak testing, thermography, electromagnetic testing (ET), RFEC, IRIS, digital radiography, radiation detection and endoscopy inspections.
We are pleased to provide services to any location around the world, pertaining as to how SGS can help you in improving the reliability of your processes and assets.

ARYASGS established an NDT training and examination center in tehran, with a particular focus on the extensive training syllabus for most of the standard NDT methods.


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